The Kofola Group succeeded in the first half of the year

Ostrava, 1 September 2009 – In the first half of 2009, the Kofola Group showed consolidated net profit in the amount of 11,287 thousand PLN.

Despite the ongoing economic recession, we managed to maintain our market position and to reach the same turnover as in the first half of 2008, which we consider to be a very positive fact. At the same time, there has been an interannual decrease of the working capital of about 15% - says Simona Nováková, the Financial Director of the Kofola Group.

The Group achieved the stated half yearly results despite the fact, that in the first quarter of the years, the company showed a loss of 14,514 thousand PLN.

The results correspond with the character of our business, the first quarter is always the most difficult period for us with regards to the seasonality of the market with non-alcoholic beverages and the annual profit depends mainly on the results of the second and third quarters of the year - adds Nováková.

The Group management assumes that the positive development of the economic result can be sustained in the second half, namely regarding the favourable development of the local currency rates, as well as due to enhancing the effectiveness of the group, a part of which is a production reorganization, which occurs during this year.