SHREK is Back

November 26th marked the launch of a television campaign organised to promote SHREK beverages for children. Under the slogan “The producer of playful SHREK beverages invites you to join in delicious fun”, much adored characters from the movie that quickly became a classic will promote the brand for the next ten weeks, to the end of January 2006. During the campaign, sponsor billboards, in the form of clips from the SHREK movie, will be aired by such television stations as TVP (Polish Television) during the following programmes – Wirtulandia/Cybermysz, Teleranek, 5-10-15, Polsat – Hugo, and the Jetix children’s channel – Totally Spies series.

SHREK beverages are the world’s first series of beverages marketed directly to young consumers. Produced from natural juices and supplemented with vitamins, they come in five flavours: Orange, Cola, Multivitamin, Gummy Candy and Bubblegum. Beyond great taste, the beverages are sold in attractive and functional bottles with kids’ friendly sport caps and colourful labels depicting characters from the SHREK movie, so popular and loved among the young consumers.