Shrek as the Brightest Star of HOOP Promotional Campaign

In November, Hoop SA – a leading Polish producer of beverages and mineral water – launches a new promotional campaign featuring SHREK as the main star.

The consumer promotion is tied to the release of Shrek 2 on video cassettes and DVD. As part of this promotion, customers will be given a chance to win over 20,000 prizes (such as DVD equipment, key rings, hats and backpacks with Shrek’s image) by collecting the drawings of the film’s characters placed on the reverse side of Hoop’s bottle caps. The promotion will be launched in November this year and is scheduled to last until January 31st 2005. The promotion will include such Hoop’s products as Cola (2, 1.5, and 0.5 litre), Hoop Pomarańcza (2, 1.5, and 0.5 litre), Hoop Limonka i Cytryna (2, 1.5, and 0.5 litre), and Hoop Czarna Porzeczka (2 and 1.5 litre).

Hoop’s promotional activities with the use of characters from Shrek follow from the strategy, initiated several years ago, of organising Christmas promotional campaigns tied to the world famous films and characters, such as Spiderman or the Lord of the Rings. This year’s promotional activities will be supported by the joint campaign with the VHS and DVD Shrek copyright holder – Universal Pictures. Such joint activities will comprise television campaigns (one organised by Universal and one by HOOP), press campaigns, and POS materials.

Hoop is First in the World to Market Beverages under the SHREK Brand

In November, Hoop – a leading Polish producer of beverages and mineral water – introduces a new line of products under the SHREK brand. It is the world’s first beverage under the SHREK brand targeted at young customers.

The decision to introduce SHREK beverages follows from HOOP’s strategy aimed at increasing its market share in the children’s beverages segment. Considering the enormous popularity of characters from the film, Hoop has signed a contract with Dream Works, holder of copyright to the Shrek image, whereby it may use the Shrek image on the bottles of new products planned to hit the market in December. Quite surprisingly, it will be the world’s first beverage under the Shrek brand.

The introduction of SHREK beverages was preceded by extensive consumer research carried out among the target consumer group, namely children under 12. At the same time, research was carried out to examine the possibility of introducing new flavour names and evaluate the new flavours. Following the research, a decision was taken to introduce SHREK beverages in four flavours, including the unique “gummy candies” flavour.

“In addition to the consumer research, our decision was driven by the great popularity and success of the film in Poland. The recognition of Shrek and other film characters is very high in Poland, which counts as a huge advantage of the new product,” Jędrzej Szynkarczuk, Marketing Director of Hoop, emphasised.

The new SHREK beverage will become Hoop’s second, after HOOPek, product targeted at young consumers. However, SHREK will be placed within a different, more competitive to HOOPek, price range