Registration of cross border merger

With reference to the earlier published information regarding work on the intended cross-border merger we are glad to inform that on 1 August 2016, the Regional Court in Ostrava registered the cross-border merger (“Date of the Merger”) with Kofola ČeskoSlovensko a.s. as Successor Company.

As a result of the merger the following companies are dissolved:

  • Kofola S.A. (PL),
  • Kofola CS a.s. (CZ),
  • PINELLI spol. s r.o. (CZ),
  • Kofola, holdinška družba d.o.o. (SI), (“Dissolving Companies”)

All assets and liabilities of the Dissolving Companies with effect from Date of Merger have been transferred to Kofola ČeskoSlovensko a.s. under universal succession. The merger has no impact on business partners of the Dissolving Companies and all contractual documents and arrangements thus continue in force and effect without any amendments or limitations, without new contracts or any other legal actions being necessary.