Radenska is a new member of the Kofola Group

Kofola and Pivovarna Laško signed an agreement for purchase of majority of shares in Radenska on 19 December 2014. The agreement contained several conditions precedent needed to be fulfilled before payment of the purchase price and transfer of the shares. All conditions precedent have been fulfilled, Kofola paid the purchase price and today Radenska became a new member of the Kofola Group.

Radenska General meeting appointed Jannis Samaras, general director of Kofola, Rene Musila, operations director, Tomáš Jendřejek, purchasing director and Daniel Buryš, financial director of the Kofola Group, as new Supervisory Board members earlier today.

The appointment of new members of Radenska’s Supervisory Board was the final step in the sales procedure for Radenska. Kofola acquired 87.16 % shares in Radenska and expects to acquire additional 6.82% in the next days before publishing a mandatory takeover offer for remainder of Radenska’s shares.

"We’re glad that after a year and a half we've managed to finalise the purchase of Radenska. From now on, we'll focus to bringing Radenska in the leading position in the all of the markets in the region. We’re certain that with highly motivated and competent team in the company Radenska we’ll manage to use the great potential and superior quality of the Radenska mineral water," stated Jannis Samaras, general director of the Kofola Group.