Kofola Group in good condition

Kofola Group in the first half of 2014 focused on increasing margins of it's produts and profitability and achieved this goal. Gross profit increased by 12.3%, from PLN 151 million to PLN 170 million. EBITDA increased by 11.7%, and operating profit (EBIT) increased by 34.6%, which proves that the Kofola Group  is constantly in good condition. The reason for the decline in sales revenues by 4.5%, according to representatives of the Group is not only declining consumption of beverages especially in Poland, but also pressure the Group to increase margins of products.

"In the first half of 2014 we were growing on the Czechoslovak market, on the  Polish market the situation was much more difficult. This situation is of course reflected in the financial results. Nevertheless, thanks to our long-term pressure on improving the efficiency we were able to  increase the profitabilityof the Group" said to the results Jannis Samaras, CEO of the Kofola Group.

Despite the unfovareble conditions on markets Kofola Group continues its innovation efforts. For example, since mid of 2014 Kofola lovers can enjoy their favorite drink brand in new half-liter bottle designed by Czech designer Rony Plesl. UGO brand (100% fruit and vegetable juices) that contributes to the turnover of the Kofola Group by several percent, undergoes extensive rebranding fresh bars. Also other brands from our portfolio introduce new products. On the Czechoslovak market new Jupí Double syrup in two flavors and new packaging was introduced, Jupík introduced new Bublimo Jupík Funny Bubbles. In Poland, small customers can now enjoy Jupík without preservatives and with less calories. 

Positive feedback on the innovative efforts of Kofola Group comes not only from domestic customers. According the jury of The European Business Awards Kofola Group is one of the top ten companies in its category in Europe.

Besides the innovation efforts Kofola Group worked on expanding its portfolio by another traditional brand. Therefore few weeks ago Kofola Group made in Slovenia ​​a joint bid with a local family company P&P to buy traditional brand of mineral water Radenska.