Hoop Sponsors the TOPTrendy 2004 Festival

Just like a year ago, Hoop is one of the main sponsors of the TOPTrendy 2004 festival.

During the 2003 edition of the two-day event, eight thousand viewers gathered in the Sopot open-air theatre to watch and listen to the groups which boasted the most impressive sales of records, including Wilki, Myslovitz and GolecUorkestra.

The music stars to take part in the Gala TOPTrendy 2004 concert will be nominated on February 23rd, at an event held in the Sheraton hotel. The event will also see announcement of the official TOP10 ranking of the groups with the largest sales of records in 2003, and a presentation of the 12 jurors who will select groups to perform at the Trendy concert. In June 2004, the Grand Gala concert will be held in the Opera Leśna open-air theatre in Sopot. It will feature the ten groups which sold the largest number of records in 2003, and six Trendy groups selected based on the jurors’ decision and the results of an sms voting.