HOOP Distinguished for the ARCTIC Mineral Water Campaign

HOOP SA, Polish producer of beverages and Arctic mineral water, was singled out by BottledWaterWorld, a prestigious trade magazine, for the best advertising campaign, featuring Cindy Crawford. The distinction was announced at the French town of Evian during an international conference dedicated to the mineral water market.

The British BottledWaterWorld magazine singled out the Polish company as a paradigm example of the most dynamically developing production enterprise in Eastern Europe. According to the magazine, “HOOP has transformed from a small regional producer with revenues of USD 4m (1993) to a giant enterprise generating sales of USD 90m (2003)”.

In the opinion of BottledWaterWorld, HOOP has become a leading producer of beverages and mineral water on the common European market as well as in Poland – the fifth largest mineral water market in the EU.

Based on estimates of representatives of Zenith International, a research company monitoring the development of the global mineral water market, present at the meeting, Poland is soon to become a key market bridging Russia and Germany.

Analysts of Zenith International pointed out that currently Poland has the best prospects for water market development among the countries of the region, despite the fact that average water consumption in Poland amounts to 58 litres per capita, much less than in Slovenia or Croatia. In 1998-2002, water consumption in Poland grew by 118%; in 2003 alone the market expanded by 12.5%, 60% of which was attributable to the growing consumption of non-carbonated mineral water. In 2003, 330m litres of water were sold in Poland through the home office delivery (HOD) system. According to the Zenith International Report 2004, the entire Polish mineral water market is to expand to 3bn litres in 2008.