Hoop Cola Television Campaign

In line with HOOP’s marketing strategy, which we have been steadfastly implementing, May 13th 2005 will mark the beginning of a television campaign organised to promote Hoop Cola. The seven-week campaign will culminate at the turn of May and June, to end on June 30th 2005.

We will unveil a totally new form of television advertising, different from the ones we used in the past. Our new Hoop Cola commercial represents a complete innovation – no one in Poland has ever marketed a product in such a way on the beverages market. Its objective is to encourage viewers to try our trademark Cola. In accordance with our intention to create a strong Hoop Cola trademark, the advertising spot will be aired by the largest television stations, i.e. TVP, TVN, Polsat, TV4 and TVN7, which should guarantee optimal reach to our prospective customers. The campaign targets young urban dwellers aged 16-34. Advertising spots are to be broadcast during programmes most readily watched by individuals from our target group, thus, we assume that our commercial will be seen by more than ten million viewers (prospective consumers) at least once.

This year’s edition of the TOP&TRENDY festival, which Hoop Cola is sponsoring, will provide additional marketing support for the campaign. The festival will begin on May 17th 2005 and run to the end of June, similar to the Hoop Cola television campaign. We expect the festival to help more than double the viewership of our commercials among our target group.