Cindy Crawford Still Drinks Arctic…

The supermodel, once described as the “object of desire of millions” will be again advertising Artic water and … will visit Poland.

This is the result of a contract which was signed recently by the producer of Arctic water and the agent representing the star. The value of this year’s contract is estimated at several hundred thousand US dollars. Under the new contract, the supermodel will appear in the Arctic TV commercial and press advertisements. According to unofficial information, the representatives of the Arctic water’s producer are negotiating the final terms on which Cindy Crawford is to visit Poland at the turn of June and July of this year.

“Hoop SA has finally extended the contract with Cindy Crawford for her appearance in the advertising campaign of the Arctic mineral water. This was a natural decision considering the fact that the last year’s creative idea produced a tremendous success both in terms of brand recognition, which grew from 10% to 51% (data: Kinoulty Research), and sales performance, which grew by 60% relative to 2002. It should also be noted that the market share of the Arctic mineral water rose in 2003 from 4.8% to 6.6%,” said Jędrzej Szynkarczuk, Marketing Director of Hoop SA.