Changes in Kofola Hoop S.A.

Warsaw, July 21, 2008

Kofola SPV and Hoop S.A. companies has been merged and operates under the KofolaHoop company from 30 May. As the result of the merge, the company has become one of the most significant on the five markets of CEE countries. Hoop Polska Sp. z o.o. operates on Polish market.

“The main assumption of the merge is the intensive development of the brands on the international scale – says Janis Samaras, Presient of the Board of KofolaHoop S.A. - KofolaHoop S.A. is a synergy of Hoop’s production, logistic and sales competences and the Kofola’s marketing know-how”

Shares of KofolaHoop S.A. are quoted on Stock-Exchange in Warsaw S.A. The Board of the Company consists mostly of managers of the Czech company Kofola Holding a.s. The biggest shareholder of KofolaHoop S.A. (with 56,99% of capital stock) became KSM Investment S.A. (the owner of Kofola Holding a.s.).

Janis Samaras, previous Kofola Holding a.s. Managing Director, was appointed the KofolaHoop S.A. President of the Board.

The operational activities are realized in Poland by Hoop Polska Sp. z o.o., which possesses the plants in Kutno, Bielsk Podlaski, Grodzisk Wielkopolski and Tychy.

Hoop Polska Sp. z o.o. President of the Board is Vassilen Tzanov, responsible for the development of the company in Poland. Since 11 years Tzanov is tightly associated with the food and beverages industry in Poland and abroad. He has already worked for Hoop S.A. as the Commerce Director in 1997-2004. He was also the General Director of the distribution company and member of the board of Heineken Slovensko in Slovakia., Sales and Distribution Manager in Heineken CEE Management GmbH in Vienna and Project Manager responsible for the sales and distribution system’s reconversion in Grupa Żywiec. Vassilen Tzanov has graduated the Foreign Trade specialization in Warsaw SGH.

The Board of Hoop Polska Sp. z o.o. consists also of two members of the board: Tomasz Jankowski and Wojciech Górski.

KofolaHoop S.A. operates on the extraordinarily promising and developing CEE market, employing over 2500 people.

Up to 2010 the company plans to become a leader among the producers of the non-alkoholic drinks in the countries of Visegrad Group (V4). The aim of the group is to locate at least two brands on the first or the second position in their segment in each country.

The portfolio of Kofola nowadays consists of: traditional Cola type drink, based on the original recipite - Kofola, series of Fruit drinks Jupí, syrups and concentrates, drink for children Jupík, natural spring water Rajec and Capri Sonne.

The range of products offered by Hoop S.A. consists of almost 100 items. Most popular brands of them are: Hoop Cola, Hoop Fruti and mineral water Arctic. The company is also the producer of the private labels drinks – for external companies, mostly for big commercial networks.

Following the merge, the process of Corporate Identity changes has started. KofolaHoop S.A. has a new logo and claim „Drinks of life and emotions”. KofolaHoop logo consists of the Hoop and Kofola names and the symbol of the four-leaves clover and is used by KofolaHoop S.A. and Kofola Holding a.s. Independent Kofola logo with the Czech claim is used in Czech Republic by Kofola a.s. Also independent Hoop logo with Polish claim (Napoje życia i emocji) is used in Poland by Hoop Polska S.A. Within the re-branding process the fonts and company’s document tempates were changed too. The following months will bring the next changes of the Corporate Identity of the company.