Bronze EFFIE Trophy for Hoop

Hoop has been awarded the prestigious bronze EFFIE 2004 award - for the Hoop Cola advertising campaign “Made in Hollywood”.

Out of the last year’s 60 most effective advertising campaigns, 36 have been presented with the annual EFFIE ® Awards 2004.

The evaluated campaigns had to undergo extensive application procedure developed by the Strategic Club of the Polish Association of Advertising Agencies (SAR). The jury received briefs containing sections on the individual stages of the campaigns, covering: market trends, brand’s initial position, marketing challenge, campaign objectives, target group, strategy, other marketing and communication activities, advertising activities for the brand or product, customers, the media strategy, the media employed, share in media spending, documentation of the results.

The fifth jubilee Gala of the EFFIE Awards took place on November 22nd in Teatr Wielki in Warsaw. Conducted by a Polish actor Maciej Sthur, the gala abounded in many surprising situations, including the fact that the guests, rather than occupy the audience seats, were seated on the stage.

EFFIE is one of the most pre-eminent marketing awards. Its first edition was held in New York in 1968, organised by the American Marketing Association. It is the only award that honours market results of advertising campaigns, not just outstanding creative ideas / /.