Beata Pawlowska – New Director General of HOOP SA

In November 2004, Beata Pawlowska (38) will take the post as Director General at HOOP SA, a leading producer of beverages and mineral water in Poland, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It is a new post in HOOP SA’s organisation. Ms Pawlowska was recommended by the Executive Board and approved by the Supervisory Board of the company. Beata PawlowskaThe scope of Director General’s responsibilities will include supervision over Hoop SA’s operating activities and implementation of a marketing strategy as well as the production and sales. At the same time, Ms Pawlowska will be one of the persons responsible for defining a long-term strategy for the company’s development on the Polish and European markets and current implementation of the annual budget. In 2002–2003, Ms Pawlowska worked for Coca-Cola Poland as Director General, and was the first Pole to hold such a high position within the organisation of Coca-Cola International. Her scope of responsibilities included preparation of an adjusted budget, bringing the company in line with the EU requirements, development of a local strategy and its alignment with the expectations of the market. Businessman Magazine awarded her with a title of “The Most Influential Woman in Poland”. Before joining HOOP SA, Ms Pawlowska worked at MTV Network Polska, where she was Managing Director and Member of the Executive Board, in charge of development of a five-year local strategy for the company. She supervised implementation of a project designed to assess the opportunities and threats of the Polish market in order to prepare input data for MTV Polska’s business plan, the first project of this type executed for MTV with respect to the Polish market. In her assignment she directly managed a 60-member team, and indirectly, through executive directors, 300 employees. In 1998–2002, Ms Pawlowska worked for International Paper Klucze, initially as Sales and Marketing Director, and then as Director General. She developed a comprehensive distribution system for the company’s products, both in Poland and in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe, modernised the production processes, the products quality and the environmental protection facilities. Ms Pawłowska was the person behind the success of the Velvet brand on the Polish market. In 2000, she received the title of “Businesswoman of 2002” awarded by Business Center Club and the Zwierciadło magazine. Ms Pawlowska commenced her career at Procter & Gamble, where she worked for seven years (1991–1998), gathering an extensive experience in sales, marketing and human resources management. She was one of the first employees of Procter & Gamble in Poland.