Arctic – the Best Advertising Campaign of 2003

The advertising campaign promoting the Arctic mineral water was recognised as the best campaign of 2003 by the Home & Market monthly. The scale and the high quality of the campaign are attested to by the fact that it featured Cindy Crawford, a top model and actress.

The idea to leverage the celebrity worship syndrome proved very successful for Hoop. The Arctic campaign broke with the standard line in advertising, drawing on the themes of family, health or safety, and turned to new ideas, such as physical activity, exercise and a modern way of life. The slogan „Twój dzień, Twoja woda”, pronounced in Polish by the famous model, met with an enthusiastic response from the Polish viewers/consumers. Equally impressive were the results of the campaign. Over the three months from the first broadcast of the commercial, the Arctic water became the second most popular water with the Polish consumers. The choice of the Arctic campaign as the best in 2003 is also justified by the fact that it was the largest campaign featuring a foreign star – its budget exceded PLN 10m.