Arctic and Hoop Cola Advertising Campaigns

May 10th 2004 marks the launch date of the Arctic mineral water advertising campaign which is a part of a consistent marketing strategy implemented by HOOP.

In line with the assumed strategy of building a strong position of the Arctic brand, the media plan provides for the airing of commercial spots in Poland’s largest television stations, including TVP, TVN, Polsat, TV4, and TVN7, to ensure optimal access to our potential customers.

The press will not be forgotten this year either.

The aim of the high-gear advertising and public relations campaign – running from April to September 2004 – will be to present the Arctic mineral water as a top quality product for those living active and healthy lives.

We believe that by implementing our plans and continuing to use the megastar image of Cindy Crawford we will be successful in creating one of the strongest advertising campaigns in the water category.

The Hoop Cola advertising campaign will take off on May 15th to continue until August. It will include the airing of commercial spots in all the largest television networks, including TVN, TVN7, Polsat, and TV4.

Hoop Cola will also sponsor the Top Trendy show which is being organised under the auspices of the Polsat television station. Top Trendy is a programme presenting the greatest Polish musical and stage stars as well as those who are just beginning on their road to stardom.

Thanks to Hoop Cola’s involvement in the project, close to 300 sponsor billboards will be put up between March and June.

Our marketing plans provide also for a strong Internet campaign.

In addition, we hope to organise a Hip-Hoop Tour comprising a cycle of ten shows in the largest Polish cities. The Tours finale will be held at the stadium of one of the best known football teams.