Agreement on Merger of HOOP S.A. with KOFOLA HOLDING A.S.

The Management Board of Hoop S.A. of Warsaw hereby reports that on March 12th 2007 the shareholders in Hoop S.A. and Kofola Holding a.s. of Ostrava, Czech Republic, concluded an agreement providing for a merger of the companies, whereby a beverage and juice group would be established with the aggregate turnover exceeding PLN 1,200,000,000. The group would operate on the Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Russian markets.

The combination of both companies’ operations, based on the public company Hoop S.A., will result in the creation of a merged company under the name of Kofola-Hoop S.A., listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Both parties agreed that the owner of the Kofola Group would be a majority shareholder in Kofola-Hoop S.A.

The shareholders in the future company Kofola-Hoop S.A. intend to capitalise on cost and income synergies offered by the merger and promote dynamic development of international brands.

The parties intend to carry out the research, analyses and valuation required to define the detailed terms and conditions of the merger in accordance with a schedule adopted by them.